Latest Work.

01. CNN:Mobile Photography

02. National Emmy, "Uprooted"

03. National Geographic Books

04. London Calling

05. Interrupted Lives

06. Demo Reel

  1. 01. CNN:Mobile Photography

    Has mobile photography made us more reliant on tools than on our eyes? Special report, CNN Opinion
    Client CNN | Year 2012 | Link | WATCH

  2. 02. National Emmy, "Uprooted"

    Executive Producer, New Approaches to News and Documentaries
    Client San Jose Mercury News | Year 2007 | WATCH (Flash, not mobile friendly)

  3. 03. National Geographic Books

    The book looks at the most recent trend to revolutionize photography, taking pictures with mobile devices. The book focuses on this new visual aesthetic based on the work of five professionals. Carsten Peter, Richard Koci Hernandez, Damon Winter Michael Christopher Brown Carlein van der Beek
    Client National Geographic (Deuts) | Year 2012 | Amazon Link

  4. 04. On The Road: London Calling

    Here is a rambling off-the-wall set of images and sketches made during my trip to London. This is part of an on-going personal video series where I try to document my travels, often I'm just experimenting with various techniques or approaches.
    Client Self-Promo | Year 2009 | WATCH

  5. 05. Interrupted Lives: Student Repression in Iran

    Since Iran's revolution in 1979, the government has systematically targeted students and deprived them of basic human rights. This trailer is a preview of a documentary that tells stories of students who have suffered repression, imprisonment, torture and worse.
    Client | Year 2010 | WATCH

  6. 06. Demo Reel

    A video sample of my recent and past work, including video, motion design and Flash.
    Client Self-Promo | Year 2012 | WATCH

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